Your ultimate list for every known limit and ratio on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook.

Your ultimate list for every known limit and ratio on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook

As soon as you’re automating processes on social media, you’re likely to hit a limit and get suspended. Keep experimenting and suspensions will get heavier and you even risk losing your accounts.

We’ve experimented a lot on your behalf at Phantombuster and here is a (non-exhaustive) list of every limitation we know. Feel free to clap this 50 times if it helped. Have you got more accurate info? If so, please comment below and we’ll test & update this article.

1/ Twitter rate limits

Twitter limitations are pretty universal and, apart from the huge update of going from 140 to 280 characters, don’t change very much.

How many PMs (Private Messages) can you send in a day on Twitter?

1000 PMs max per day.

How many Tweets can you send in a day on Twitter?

2400 tweets max per day.

How many new accounts can you follow each day?

400 new follows per day.

How many new accounts can you unfollow each day?

400 new follows per day.

⚠️ You’re allowed a total of 400 follows AND unfollows per day. Meaning if you follow 200 accounts today, you can unfollow 200 accounts. Then you wait until the next day.

How many new followers can you have per day?

No limit.

What’s the total number of accounts you can follow on Twitter?

If you have less than 5000 followers, you can follow up 5000 accounts max. Otherwise, you can follow up to 10% more than your total follower count. For example, if you have 10,000 followers, you can follow up to 11,000 accounts.

2/ Instagram rate limits

Since the summer of 2019, Instagram has drastically updated its anti-automation algorithm. For that reason, we recommend a qualitative approach of automation for this network.

How many new people can you follow on Instagram in a day?

You can follow 1 account per hour.

How many people can I unfollow on Instagram in a day?

You can unfollow 1 account per hour.

What’s the maximum number of pics you can like on Instagram in a day?

You can like about 20-40 pictures per day.

How many comments can you leave on Instagram in a day?

You can comment on about 20-40 pictures per day.

What’s the maximum number of people you can follow on Instagram?

7500 total.

How many hashtags can you put in an Instagram post?

30 hashtags per post max.

What’s the character limit of an Instagram post?

2,200 characters.

3/ LinkedIn rate limits

Update : LinkedIn has recently imposed a new weekly limit of 100 connection requests per user. Here is everything you need to know about the new LinkedIn rate limits and 3 ways to work around it.

LinkedIn limits greatly vary depending on whether your account is warmed up or not, and if you have a Premium account or not. In order to take that into account, you’ll find 4 numbers after each question:
❄️ for free cold/new accounts.
🔥️ for free warmed up accounts.
💰 for premium Sales Navigator accounts.

Pro tip: Always start low and slowly up your numbers. At some point, captchas will start showing up. This means that you’ve reached a limit. 

What’s the maximum number of messages you can send per day on LinkedIn?

❄️  80 messages is a safe limit.
🔥️  120~140 messages per day. Try to spread them throughout the day.
💰  300+ per day. Some claim to have sent up to 400 DMs in a day. That’s how powerful warming up your account is. Don’t forget to spread them out across the day.

What’s the maximum daily number of connection requests you can make on LinkedIn?

❄️  50 requests per day is a safe number. It actually varies depending on how many of those are pending. Don’t forget to withdraw old pending invites.
💰  250~350 per day, spread in batches of 10 to 20 invitations, ideally at randomized times during work hours. Here again, incrementally increase your numbers before reaching these numbers.

What’s the maximum number of connections you can have on LinkedIn?

30,000 invitations max. Once 30k is reached you can still be invited to connect so connections are theoretically unlimited.

How many outstanding invitations can I accumulate on LinkedIn?

1500 unanswered invitations are the maximum.

How many searches can I do in a month on LinkedIn (aka Commercial Limits)?

❄️  30 searches for cold inactive accounts.
🔥️  300 searches max.
💰  Unlimited.

What’s the maximum number of people in a conversation on LinkedIn?

50 people max.

What’s the maximum number of LinkedIn groups I can manage?

30 groups.

How many LinkedIn groups can I be a part of?

100 groups.

What’s the maximum number of mentions I can use in a LinkedIn post?

20 mentions.

4/ Facebook rate limits

Facebook works in mysterious ways. We’re experimenting a lot with the limits but a lot of parameters are taken into account by their algorithm which makes things quite hard.

How many messages can I send in a day on Facebook before being flagged?

It depends... on the time span. Some accounts will send 30 messages in 30 seconds and be alright, other will be suspended straight away. A good rule of thumb is to always start very slow and gradually increase your actions count. Once your account is flagged it tends to instantly have super low limits and you’re pretty much done.

How many items can you like daily on Facebook?

5000 likes max.

How many people can be recipients of a single Facebook message?

150 people in one same conversation.

How many new people per day can I send requests to on Facebook?

499 new connections. More in less than 24h and you’re likely to be banned.

How many Friend requests can I accept in a day?

1500 friend requests in a 24-hour span.

How many Friends can I add to my Facebook Group in 24 hours?

600 friends max from your personal account.
No limit if you do it from a group’s page.

How many Friends can I add to my Facebook Page in 24 hours?

2500 friends max from your personal account.
10k if you do it from the page’s page.

How many groups can I join in a day?

25 groups.

How many pages can I like each day?

25 pages.

5/ Medium rate limits

Medium seems to want to avoid the bot troubles its big bro, Twitter, has. Here are the limits we‘ve got so far.

What’s the Medium daily follow limit?

125 follows max. After that, a little pop-up will show up.

What’s the daily Clap limit?

Unknown. So far we’ve never been blocked for too much clapping. Bravo 👏